A Tragedy in Song: “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Shmurda

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Queen Of Rap Slaying With Queen Bey !

flawless-remix   Who would have thought these  two lovely artist would actually have song together what a dope Feature.  Nicki Minaj is quite lyrically talented and so is Ms. Beyoncé .But they are  absolutely two different females in the music Industry . The crowd is buzzing I Must say im Impressed Looks like there’s some competition within the other female artist that drop music recently . The music game is changing I’m looking out for more music. 
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No Instagram No RiRi . . . .

RIHA9RIHANNA 5RHINSRihanna (1) Since we all know and love the infamous ,  well I myself unquestionably Adore’s Rihanna creative sense of style and nonchalant attitude towards the media .Rihanna still has that dope swagg that her #RiNavy love . Though she’s been off the Radar she still manage to keep it sexy as she can after making an apparance where she attended VIP Club on July 30th wearing just a Bra and Boxers and a denim Jacket . From Boyfriend Jeans to Boyfriend Boxers , I wouldnt be surprised to see a high rise in the sales of boxers .

Whats New With Kim .

dashKARDASHIANIm So Guilty For Being Glued To This Game Could You Believe It , Kim Kardashian has a massive hit on mobile  her game is Called Kim kardashian Hollywood .  Kim has made a enourmous amount of cash of around 8.5 Millions dollars from people playing her game .The game, which has Kardashian coaching players through the rigors of being an aspiring celebrity, picking out clothing and dodging mean tweets, and going on hot celeb dates. Since the game launched June 25th, it’s climbed as high as #2 on Apple  free game charts. This is a rather impressive investment  both the power of mobile games and proper use of celebrity branding . I must say I’m pretty impressed with Kim Kardashian the game is cool and i have yet to bump into a game with the same concept based off a Celeb.  I’m fully expecting other stars to take notice of this, and we may see a pending influx of “Hollywood” style games for  other celebrities.

SCANDAL’S …Replacement ! OMG


Who’d you prefer Kerry VS. Megan Good ?



HOLLYWOOD – “Let’s be honest $300,000 per episode is not like we were putting her in the poor house” Said head writer and show creator Shonda Rhimes about Kerry’s departure from the hit show. Actress Kerry Washington will be replaced on Scandal after refusing a pay decrease for the ending of the 2014 Season 4 due to an increase in production cost. “Where Meagan lacks in acting she makes up in sex-appeal so we believe she’ll bring a larger male demographic to an already female driven show” Said the director of Scandal about the news that Kerry would be leaving due to her refusing to agree to a decreased salary. Fans of the show are already speaking out on social media and promising to not support the show anymore, but will instead give ratings to horrible rivals including ‘Being Mary Jane’, ‘The Game’ and a couple of Tyler Perry shows.


Hi My Name Is . . .

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Well Hello There Beautiful Blog World  My Name Is  Mara , I will be partnering with Summer to make Cocaine& Caviar a huge success. I’m 19 and i just love Journalism and although I’m a psychology Major and Journalism minor I couldn’t imagine my life without being in  the media business. So I am  Super Duper excited to express my self to you  guys showing how much of a silly ,creative , smart and Person I am.-   Mara