SCANDAL’S …Replacement ! OMG


Who’d you prefer Kerry VS. Megan Good ?



HOLLYWOOD – “Let’s be honest $300,000 per episode is not like we were putting her in the poor house” Said head writer and show creator Shonda Rhimes about Kerry’s departure from the hit show. Actress Kerry Washington will be replaced on Scandal after refusing a pay decrease for the ending of the 2014 Season 4 due to an increase in production cost. “Where Meagan lacks in acting she makes up in sex-appeal so we believe she’ll bring a larger male demographic to an already female driven show” Said the director of Scandal about the news that Kerry would be leaving due to her refusing to agree to a decreased salary. Fans of the show are already speaking out on social media and promising to not support the show anymore, but will instead give ratings to horrible rivals including ‘Being Mary Jane’, ‘The Game’ and a couple of Tyler Perry shows.



3 thoughts on “SCANDAL’S …Replacement ! OMG

  1. Honestly idk how I feel about this sudden change . It may not be the same for me to watch because Im literally going to look at Megan Good & say to myself “😒 thats not Olivia Pope” . Kerry is the face of “Pope & Associates”! I doubt I’m the only person who’s going to feel like this as well :/

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