Whats New With Kim .

dashKARDASHIANIm So Guilty For Being Glued To This Game Could You Believe It , Kim Kardashian has a massive hit on mobile  her game is Called Kim kardashian Hollywood .  Kim has made a enourmous amount of cash of around 8.5 Millions dollars from people playing her game .The game, which has Kardashian coaching players through the rigors of being an aspiring celebrity, picking out clothing and dodging mean tweets, and going on hot celeb dates. Since the game launched June 25th, it’s climbed as high as #2 on Apple  free game charts. This is a rather impressive investment  both the power of mobile games and proper use of celebrity branding . I must say I’m pretty impressed with Kim Kardashian the game is cool and i have yet to bump into a game with the same concept based off a Celeb.  I’m fully expecting other stars to take notice of this, and we may see a pending influx of “Hollywood” style games for  other celebrities.


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